Finding Chemical Information on the Internet

Download a fully functional version for 90 days.
The software will work permanently, even without a license, but the search is limited to AKos Samples, PubChem and Google.

Major features:

  • Search Internet by structure (exact, isomer, substructure and similarity)
  • Search by CAS Number
  • Search by synonym
  • Use one interface to search 24 free available Internet databases, such as PubChem, ChemSpider, eMolecules, Drugbank, NCI, ChemBank, ChemIDPlus, PubMed, Wikipedia, and SureChem, a structure searchable patent database. Follow this link to see a complete list of the databases.
  • Submit multiple structures in one query using MDL SDFiles.
  • Reaction support i.e. you can use MDL RXN files or MDL RDFiles in a search


Please download here a full functional version. You can use this version 90 days after you have started the application for the first time. As long you don’t have activated this version the search is limited to 10 structures per SDFile. After the ninety days you may buy a license. But, even without a license you always can search in AKos Samples, PubChem and Google.

Advantages of CWM Global Search:

  • Search many free online chemical information sites using one interface.
  • Search over millions of compounds and get access to information that was until recently a very costly service.
  • A prepared grid offers you an easy overview of the data that you can expect by going to a linked page.
  • Submit multiple compounds in a single query, using SDfiles or RDFiles.
  • Search strategies can be saved for repeat use, with or without modifications.
  • Search results can be stored for offline use.

With a single click you can find information about your query in all major free online chemical databases.

Use your preferred structure editor to draw your structure. We support most of the commonly used chemical drawing packages. In the case of ISIS/Draw, please make sure to enable “Options – Settings – General – ‘Copy Mol/RXN File to Clipboard’

We also support SDFiles, RXN files and RDFiles. Search for starting materials and all other compounds belonging to your reaction.

The result is a table with database links showing the number of hits, and indicators about what information you will find in these sources. Once you click on a link you are directly transferred to the native application of the data source, along with the corresponding structure.

You can filter results if you are interested only in a subset of information, for instance if you only want to see database links where you can find commercial suppliers of your structure. You can pick filters from a predefined dialog and/or define your own filter profiles.

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