Finding Chemical Information on the Internet

Download a fully functional version for 90 days.
The software will work permanently, even without a license, but the search is limited to AKos Samples, PubChem and Google.

Major features:

  • Search Internet by structure (exact, isomer, substructure and similarity)
  • Search by CAS Number
  • Search by synonym
  • Use one interface to search 24 free available Internet databases, such as PubChem, ChemSpider, eMolecules, Drugbank, NCI, ChemBank, ChemIDPlus, PubMed, Wikipedia, and SureChem, a structure searchable patent database. Follow this link to see a complete list of the databases.
  • Submit multiple structures in one query using MDL SDFiles.
  • Reaction support i.e. you can use MDL RXN files or MDL RDFiles in a search


Please download here a full functional version. You can use this version 90 days after you have started the application for the first time. As long you don’t have activated this version the search is limited to 10 structures per SDFile. After the ninety days you may buy a license. But, even without a license you always can search in AKos Samples, PubChem and Google.

Advantages of CWM Global Search:

  • Search many free online chemical information sites using one interface.
  • Search over millions of compounds and get access to information that was until recently a very costly service.
  • A prepared grid offers you an easy overview of the data that you can expect by going to a linked page.
  • Submit multiple compounds in a single query, using SDfiles or RDFiles.
  • Search strategies can be saved for repeat use, with or without modifications.
  • Search results can be stored for offline use.

With a single click you can find information about your query in all major free online chemical databases.

Use your preferred structure editor to draw your structure. We support most of the commonly used chemical drawing packages. In the case of ISIS/Draw, please make sure to enable “Options – Settings – General – ‘Copy Mol/RXN File to Clipboard’

We also support SDFiles, RXN files and RDFiles. Search for starting materials and all other compounds belonging to your reaction.

The result is a table with database links showing the number of hits, and indicators about what information you will find in these sources. Once you click on a link you are directly transferred to the native application of the data source, along with the corresponding structure.

You can filter results if you are interested only in a subset of information, for instance if you only want to see database links where you can find commercial suppliers of your structure. You can pick filters from a predefined dialog and/or define your own filter profiles.

Is A Green Detox Important For Health?

A normal person will have been subjected to over 2,000 substances before he or she even leaves the home in the morning. Foods, perfumes, lotions, cleaning agents, our garments emit toxins which may be absorbed in the human body and possibly harm us. The origin of many health problems arise if these toxins amass within the body over the course of years.

Luckily, the human anatomy is a strong biosystem for removing unwanted compounds. The liver is among the human body’s most crucial organs which will help eliminate undesirable toxins and substances. The liver cleans blood and uses nutrients so as to keep us in good health. As modern life gets increasingly poisonous, that which we need of our liver grows greater. What happens if your liver cannot keep up with the needs put on it?

Science Based Green Detox

The liver has developed over many years to deal with a growing number of needs to filter toxins found in the environment. In an ideal world, all toxins consumed by your body will be water-soluble, which can be easier for your body to excrete; however, this isn’t the situation. Science Based Green Detox is great at removing these removing many of these toxins from the body.  Take a look at this Science Based Green Detox review and you will see that the author who performed a detox with the supplement had great results.

green detox herbs

A Detox For Other Toxins

When it comes to fat soluble toxins many compounds processed from the liver are in fact fat soluble, which makes them much more difficult to become removed. Fat-soluble radicals cling to fatty membranes and cells in the human body, often from the mind and breast tissues, and may remain in the body for days, weeks or even years. These toxins are sometimes be released at times of anxiety and can result in headaches, memory loss, nausea and fatigue worse — chronic ailments like Parkinson’s, problems with the liver, and obesity, to name a couple.

science based green detox

The liver also breaks down these toxins to water-soluble compounds so they may be readily excreted. With no additional prompting, this part of the liver can become overworked and slow. Foods high in antioxidant vitamins, such as A, C, ED, minerals such as iron and zinc, amino acids and herbal supplements may support the liver’s capacity to detox. Nutrition supplements such as multivitamins also offer a good mixture of nutrients which help the liver’s function. Preventing alcohol and excessive ingestion and increasing water consumption also help with liver health. A detox for the body won’t just enhance the liver’s role, but it may support the immune system, weight loss, enhance energy levels and lessen the risk of chronic ailments.

By consuming a diet full of fruits and vegetables and having an active, healthful lifestyle that also supports liver health, you are able to do what is best for your own body, promoting great health for a long time to come.

5 Effective Solutions To Enhance Your Butt Without Implants Or Injections

It just might be the fact that you do not like to wear your saggy pants anymore. Of you might be looking for a bigger and sexier butt as well as more body contours. Fortunately, it is not a challenging task in this day and age. With the development of medicine and science, you will find numerous ways to enhance your booty effortlessly.  Many people are using butt creams and some people wonder if they work and if bigger butt creams can really make a difference. At present, many people have been making use of enhancement pills or going for surgery to get a bigger booty. However, these procedures are quite costly and they are likewise risky. On the other hand, enhancement pills are associated with numerous unwanted side effects. In the following tips, we will mention some surefire solutions for butt enhancement.

1. Wear high heels
Although sometimes uncomfortable, high heels are appropriate for ladies who want to have a bigger butt as well as the appearance of bigger boobs. These shoes will help to modify the spinal curvature, thus making you appear like you have a big bosom and an enhanced butt. However, do not wear these types of shoes very frequently since they can affect your knees and feet in an adverse way.
2. Perform workouts

booty exercises

While many people wonder do butt enhancement creams work, a natural and permanent way for butt enhancement will be to perform butt-enhancing workouts. These exercises will give you the desired results very quickly and make your butt look bigger. Some popular workouts that can enhance your butts are as follows: squats, butt bridges, lunges, and kickbacks. You might not have enough time to visit the fitness center, and in that case, there is no reason to worry! While you’re at your residence or a shopping mall, you should consider using the staircase instead of the elevator or the escalator.
3. Consume enough fish oil
Fish oil is being used for many centuries because of its amazing effects on our health and muscles. But did you have any idea that fish oil can also function as an effective butt enhancer? In fact, according to experts, the use of fish oil supplements will help you to achieve that bigger butt which you have always dreamt of. But how is it possible? Fish oil supplements are full of omega-3 fatty acids which can enhance your rear, making you appear more attractive and appealing. Fish oil can be consumed orally or you may even rub it on your butt and leave it like that for about 30 minutes.
4. Engage yourself in sports butt workout
If you find workouts to be boring, you can always participate in some sports activities like soccer, gymnastics, swimming, running, and cycling which will help you enhance your overall well-being as well as your butt. Moreover, you can also play the sports with your friends.
5. Revitalize your backside
While performing these workouts or sports activities, you may have to wait for some time till you get the desired outcomes. During this time, you can always use enhancing butt pads which are available in various shapes and forms. You are recommended to make use of a foam or silicon pad and insert them in some specially made panties. You may likewise stick butt enhancers to your butt cheeks directly with the help of adhesive booty pads.

Stay safe when selecting butt enhancement creams

A lot of individuals are interested in finding natural butt enhancement techniques which involve no complex clinical procedures or a very long recovery period. Although various butt creams are promoted, and all of these are assumed to create outstanding results, opting for the wrong booty enhancement product could be associated with health dangers.

A booty cream seems like the simplest and safest way to fortify buttocks without needing to endure through an operation.

A web search will show that various bum enhancement products are offered for sale online. The prospective buyer must know about how lots of these creams have not been analyzed and may eventually lead to unpleasant or even dangerous side effects.

Many brands have established their names in the domain of buttock enhancement such as the Kylie Jenner butt cream. These rely on organic ingredients which are effective at shaping up the buttocks and making them more healthy and much more attractive.kyle jenner

Individuals that are thinking about purchasing a butt enhancement lotion should first do some careful study. They will need to take a look at the components that the lotion contains. Preferably, a really good lotion needs to be made with 100 percent organic ingredients.

All-natural creams will normally pose no health hazard. The buttocks enlargement effect, though, will rely on the standard of the merchandise and the way the body responds to it. According to advertisements, a few of those creams create butt enhancement of around 30 percent.butt cream results

Reading online testimonials is just another fantastic way to learn if these products do the job. According to the advertisements, each cream in the marketplace is capable of generating miraculously sustainable and fast butt development. The way customers clarify that the effects are considerably more realistic.

Many forums and individual sites contain information regarding the potency of pure buttocks augmentation solutions. Going through many such reviews is the perfect approach to discover whether the vast majority of customers are happy.

Individuals who opt to rely on a buttocks enhancement lotion should do their very best to follow directions as carefully as you can. In the event that the program is intended to create results in a span of six months, then the therapy should last for this period of time. A lot of men and women are most likely to get frustrated if they neglect to see immediate results.

A pure butt enhancement lotion won’t ever deliver immediate outcomes. Such therapies require consistency and time. Here is the only method to be certain that the individual utilizing the lotion will profit from maximum outcomes.

butt cream

Last words of knowledge focus on averting Internet scams. Unfortunately, a number of sites provide low grade or even harmful products which should tackle the needs and problems a lot of individuals have. If a buttocks enhancement lotion is too cheap or reassuring results in unrealistically brief intervals, it’s most likely ineffective or even harmful. Staying away from these merchandise is of crucial significance.

Butt enlargement can occur naturally but it is going to require time and some effort on behalf of the individual needing change. Butt enhancement lotions can be a feasible option, provided that the perfect product is chosen and instructions become followed by the last letter.